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26.5 hours

Posted on January 18, 2017 at 5:55 AM

Church on the Hill has just moved from a Monday gathering to a Sunday gathering. We have shifted 26.5 hours back in the week, and maybe you need to know the story. Our son Xavier says we have sold out. "Everyone else meets on a Sunday, we are becoming just like everyone else!" is what he said. So what's the deal with our 26.5 hour move?

Well, to begin with, the Monday worship time was not about our belief that Monday is sacred. And we weren't trying to be hipsters or conscientious objectors to religious tradition. We are those of the Romans 14:5 mould who believe every day is sacred in the Kingdom of Christ. So for us Monday worked as well as Sunday for those we were planting with and reaching. By year 4, it is not the case, and we chatted with a few of our crew and those who felt strongly all leaned towards Sunday.

So for 2017, Sundays at 3pm is the new Monday. As far as venue is concerned, we are tossing between 3 different places and are asking God about these. And in terms of Fishing and Feasting, we are still on the trail, but these are all things for another blog post.

See you at the Park at 3pm this weekend!

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