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First impressions

Posted on October 9, 2015 at 9:55 AM

it is the end of Day 3, and through the wonders of technology I can fast track it to you (though this is my third rewrite so technology is not that amazing right now!)

day 1 was travel day, and the lesson was: don't arrive at midnight when traveling with kids. Ok will get that one straight next time!

day 2 was spent with Reny Chhin from Cambodia Care. What an amazing first day on task! Reny and her husband Koy are the sort of people who come to a town and ask "where are the most needy people here?" Their answer becomes a call from God to begin a work. So we went down this dirty laneway nobody would ever find without help, and they have started a school and church there. As we walked Reny told me that around 500 people live in this lane, and they are generationally unschooled and so so poor. They began a school in the lane, and when I walked into a happy clean classroom I could not quite connect the dots. These were the generationally poor and illiterate? It was very humbling to see, and I was a bit proud when I found out it is heavily supported by a church in Perth. 

Then we went with her to the train tracks area, to see the school they have started there. No kidding, the train tracks are only 2m from the front gate. And on this stretch of track live the people I have heard abt on TV. But I saw them with my eyes, and their children are in this school. We are going there for church this Sunday- I am excited and a little nervous. You can read more about them at 

day 3 was going to be a meeting with someone, but this fell through. Xave and I became tourists, which I must say was harder than being a "worker". We were accosted by people trying to sell things, and I had the misfortune of seeing more than one elderly Western man riding in a Tuk tuk with a young Cambodian woman. This city is such a muddle of emotions and activities. We are not the answer, but we are so glad to be attached to the One who is. So Xave and I are keeping our eyes open, our hearts open.

and for those of you who are wondering how Xave is coping.....he is brilliant. Such a happy travel companion, he is taking it all in his stride and doing even better than I thought. The people a good way I mean this.... Just love him and respond so well to him. And I am so glad to have a travel buddy- I am glad God chose him to come along with me. Thanks for the prayers and love. And thanks for those of you who wrote letters for us to open during our trip, they mean so much to us!

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